EKME, a Safe Workplace for the employee and the client. We believe in protecting the occupational health and enhancing the well being of each of our employees or associates. We believe a safe workplace is consistent with efficient operations that produce a high quality product while maintaining a minimum environmental footprint. The company is qualified to ISO 14000 and OHSAS 18000.

Our main safety principles are:

  • Safety is everyone’s responsibility
  • All injuries can be prevented
  • All accidents can be avoided
  • Concern and care for the employee is demonstrated by Leaders
  • Employees shall be trained to work safely
  • Working safely shall be condition of employment

Every job shall be assessed for the risk involved and shall be carried out as per authorized procedures / checklist / necessary work permit and using necessary personal protective equipment.

EKME performs on a constant basis a safety and health informative, training, monitoring, recording program, in cooperation with senior third party companies specialized in training and advisory of personnel, along with internal supervision and audits.

In this health and safety awareness program the focus is on the most serious hazards that account for the majority of lost time injuries like man-machine interface, loading and unloading and working at height. EKME instils in our associates a zero tolerance for risk, meaning all associates watch out for themselves and for each other.

We provide the necessary training so every job is done the right way, the safe way, every time.

Every job is done the right way, the safe way, every time.

Alongside with the occupational safety, EKME performs a scheduled medical attendance for all involved personnel on a weekly basis. A dedicated occupational doctor visits all workfronts every Friday (currently) ensuring safe work performing ability of the personnel. An initiative action, concerning health, is the blood bank EKME maintains in cooperation with public authorities, by blood donations of all EKME personnel performed twice a year.

EN ISO 14001
BS OHSAS 18001